Membership of Justitia is open to all barristers and solicitors in New Zealand, whether practising in a partnership, in sole practice or as an incorporated entity.

All members are entitled to (but do not have to) participate in the Justitia professional indemnity scheme or any other programmes of insurance arranged by Justitia on behalf of its members.

Why choose Justitia?

   Justitia is effectively a collective risk management organisation. Its primary objectives are to:

  • Provide comprehensive insurance options for members.
  • Encourage a stable environment in which the costs to the profession resulting from the vagaries of international commercial insurance are minimised.
  • Encourage a community of interest between the members of the profession and professional risk insurers.
  • Improve the overall quality of the cover available.
  • Provide a supportive claims administration for the benefit of the profession, including effective legal and insurance advice at the lowest possible cost.
  • Monitor and activate the claims experience of the scheme for the benefit of members and the profession generally.
  • Provide members with the ability to seek advice on risk management and loss prevention strategies.
  • Assist members to meet their professional liabilities without undue risk on members and their families’ personal assets and retirement plans.

A simple way to join

This process to becoming an Justitia member is simple.
Step 1

Get a quote

Download and complete the Insurance Proposal form.

Step 2


Email the proposal form to Aon.

Step 3

Application reviewed

The proposal form will be reviewed and a quotation provided.

Step 4

Decision received

Once you have confirmed acceptance of the quotation, Aon will confirm cover has been placed successfully.